How do YOU pick a hobby? — 4 Comments

  1. Two of my favourite hobbies are gardening and needle crafts – knitting and crochet currently, but I’ve done all sorts involving needles. I think they fulfill your criteria as I make all sorts of gifts from chunky throws to squashy blocks for babies. I also go to a knitting group where I have made good friends and get plenty of writing ideas. Gardening totally organic, as many flowers a I can fit in our smallish front and back gardens, helping buzzy bees, but also for the pleasure of visitors and passers by.

  2. Thanks for the great suggestions Janet! Sorry for the delay in my reply, it would appear that I need to setup notifications for when I receive a comment! 😉 I used to knit, but it has been many years. I’ve never tried crocheting though I’ve seen some beautiful work by talented hands. It’s interesting that you should mention these though, because I was just telling my daughter tonight that I’d really love to get my hands on an incredibly soft, snuggle up type sweater that you can just melt into… perhaps making one is the route to go? Mind you, the last time I tried to knit a sweater I jumped into cable stitch… that was 18 years ago and I never did finish it lol. As for gardening, every now and then I take a stab at it to see if my black thumb has taken on a green hue yet… I’ll keep trying lol.

  3. I do love the way cable looks when done properly, but it is so fiddly to work with!

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