“Lead by example and solve by conscious thought. No matter how big or small, there are pros and cons behind every decision and behaviour.” ~ Tanya Jones

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The Elves of Eytherfel series is a journey. It begins as the journey of one girl and expands into a journey of an entire race.

Yes it is a work of fiction that is a glorious escape with elves, magic and a bit of romance. However, there are also real-life parallels that the open mind will undoubtedly spot and tap into.

Throughout these journeys you will experience insight on problem solving, relationship skills, identity crisis and development, trust issues, strategizing, planning, analyzing, people skills and much more.


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The Elves of Eytherfel

Over a thousand years ago, the entire earth was a place of magic. Having powers and Mana was a normal part of life for all species. During a dark time, that all changed by a single man’s actions and the world as we know it today was born.A millennium later, the earth is a wreck. With magic being a hidden secret that few are aware of, the earth’s resources aren’t getting replenished the way they need to be. Humans have turned into destructive creatures with little regard for nature. Two to three thousand years from now, there won’t be an earth for humans or magic.

There is only one bloodline among the elves who possesses the power to correct the path of the earth and undo the human destruction. Who can restore the balance of magic and make everything as it once was. But there are many obstacles in the way.

Dreams of Beautiful Whisper (Book 1)

All Amanda wants to focus on is her boyfriend Jordan, but she keeps seeing another boy in her dreams (or, are they memories?). When Amanda discovers that the beautiful apparition haunting her every night is an elven warrior from her past, things get complicated—and then they just get plain weird. As the fog of Amanda’s blocked past lifts, she discovers that she’s not just a teenager. She’s also an 84-year-old elf. Amanda’s life is in danger as well. She has a twin sister who’s been kidnapped. And the fate of their elven kingdom depends on whether Amanda will have the courage and strength to embrace her power.

DREAMS OF BEAUTIFUL WHISPER (88K words) is the first book in a YA trilogy set within the majestic forests of North America, near the US/Canadian border. It’s a mystical world where time and age take on new meaning—a place where fantasy, reality, and romance intermingle. Teens will enjoy this magical adventure entwined with real-life challenges. Parents and other adults will appreciate the emphasis on personal development, problem-solving, and relationship skills.

It’s the self-discovery journey of Amanda, which is the first step towards the restoration of the earth from what it has become to what it could once more be – provided Amanda can handle it.


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Dreams of Beautiful Whisper Insights

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Dreams of Beautiful Whisper helps teens (and adults) who want to open their minds to multiple perspectives and problem solving techniques, while enjoying an entertaining fictional story that takes them away from the problems of the day-to-day grind we all face. It’s unique advantage is that it provides the general escapism that many of us desire while also providing an obvious, yet not in your face, look at better role models and problem solving skills.

Tanya’s mission is to help teens, in particular, see the cool factor side to positive role models and problem solving skills. Without lecturing or preaching, her desire is to help set the stage for a better environment for our teens. Dreams of Beautiful Whisper is entertaining in itself without the need for any deeper take-away from it – but the underlying examples are there, they’re obvious but they aren’t in your face.

The primary target-markets, for Dreams of Beautiful Whisper, are girls between the ages of 12-17. Though many women and guys have also found enjoyment and entertainment in this book. Girls in this age range find themselves strongly connecting to the main character as they are able to relate to her feelings of self-doubt, the challenges she faces when dealing with family and boys and gain inspiration and courage from the growth process she goes through along with her ability to analyze and work through the many challenging situations she faces.

Self image is an important thread within Dreams of Beautiful Whisper. In the beginning of the book Amanda sees herself as very plain and non-descript. Almost to the point of annoyance for the onlookers and readers. But she doesn’t do it for attention. It is truly how she sees herself. She’s also not self-depreciating about it, it’s simply a matter of fact for her. It takes a fair bit of effort from her friends and family for her to finally see and acknowledge her own beauty. And it is the combination of both her inner and outer beauty that makes her so exquisite. Even once she accepts it, her first concern is for others, she doesn’t ever want others to feel less because of her. This thread provides teens with two messages 1) we are each often seen with a greater level of beauty by others than we allow ourselves to accept and 2) even when we do accept our own beauty, it doesn’t mean that we have to be arrogant about it or flaunt it.

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Author’s Bio

Tanya Jones (Thibodeau) is the Publisher of the Gateway Gazette digital media, winner of the Royal Canadian Legion Media Award. She is also a freelance writer, YA Fantasy author and has been a fan of elven origins and supernatural powers for decades. She excels at problem solving with a 360-degree view of the existence of multiple perceptions. Her debut novel, Dreams of Beautiful Whisper is Book 1 in The Elves of Eytherfel series. She is currently working on Book 2 in The Elves of Eytherfel series.

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For more information regarding Dreams of Beautiful Whisper or the author Tanya Jones, please visit: http://tanyajones.ca All information has been included with the permission of the author.



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