Over a thousand years ago, the entire earth was a place of magic. Having powers and Mana was a normal part of life for all species. During a dark time, that all changed by a single man’s actions and the world as we know it today was born.

A millennium later, the earth is a wreck. With magic being a hidden secret that few are aware of, the earth’s resources aren’t getting replenished the way they need to be. Humans have turned into destructive creatures with little regard for nature. Two to three thousand years from now, there won’t be an earth for humans or magic.

There is only one bloodline among the elves who possesses the power to correct the path of the earth and undo the human destruction. Who can restore the balance of magic and make everything as it once was. But there are many obstacles in the way.

Some appendices to further explore:

Common Names
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Normal Elf Aging Chart

192 / 16 – Normal age of Awakening
600 / 50 – Aging slows even more