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  1. I received a copy of the book from your dad. He is a friend of mine, we both have Giant Schnauzers and he lives just down the road. I am a huge fantasy reader. I enjoyed your book and read it in a few days. My only concern as a reader is that the elves seem to live with the humans and no-one knows they are there. That in itself is rather strange. And what about the elves in other parts of the world, are there more, do they live everywhere etc. I guess I needed that info to feel more comfortable with the book. Otherwise, the characters are well defined, realistic, enjoyable and the story line is good too. I look forward to part 2.
    Thanks for writing the story.

  2. Excellent feedback Christine! Thank you so much. I will ponder this and see what I can perhaps do about it, I’m sure there’s something. I will say that the humans did know the elves were there – they just didn’t know they were “elves”. The Elves of Eytherfel are all that different from humans in many ways, the story is set in modern times and we are a very diverse culture that slight differences don’t tend to get questioned 🙂 Yes there are more elves elsewhere around the world…. “All in good time my dear” 😉 hehe

  3. Nice to be writing directly to the author! Living with the elves makes sense, but with their different ageing, there would be questions. I was pleased that the characters were well behaved, you read so many books where the teen-young adults are just brats and always complain or act out. This was a nice relief. Kids do act out, it is not necessary to overdo it in a book and you didn’t. I don’t read online and glad you had it available in book form.

  4. Regardless of how popular my books may or may not become, it is my hope to always find some time to converse with readers – I love it! The main reason that it worked for Amanae and her parents to live in the human world is that it was only for a brief time. As children, if an elf is moved to the human world they age at the same rate as humans (so nothing odd to their new peers on that front). For the adults, while aging slowly as elves, their aging does accelerate somewhat too when living in the human world and the timing was right – the physical changes even for some humans during their 30’s often isn’t particularly noticeable. I work with a teacher who is 47 and you would swear he was mid-30’s (oh to have his genetics!). Nice to know that you liked the behaviour traits of my characters, that was intentional. I have had a few comments that people had difficulty relating to “my” teens because in their experience, “teens just don’t act like that”. My own personal experience with teens has been quite different. I have had the pleasure and honour of knowing teens that, for the most part, really are like that. I felt that our entertainment influences are riddled enough with disrespectful, bratty teens – and these are the examples our entertainment industry are setting for our youth…it has to have some level of an influential impact. I wanted to show our youth that it is possible to have fun and be cool while still being respectful and compassionate.

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