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A writer’s road trip

Bloganuary day 2! Today’s prompt is:

What is a road trip you would love to take?

This is a trickier prompt, because as far as personal dream road trips go, I was lucky enough to have already done it in 2014 with my kids. Four of us set out on a 21-day adventure through the USA taking us from Montana to The Keys in a loop that covered 18 states. Memories to last a lifetime!

It’s also tricky as I try to figure out how to relate this prompt to writing.

Now road trip implies travelling by car. And from my location, there’s not much left on bucket list or that would aid my writing much. I’ve done a lot traveling in my life and have covered a ton of Canadian ground.

So let’s throw some writer’s creativity into to mix and assume that the road trip could commence after a necessary flight to get me to the right locations.

In that case, there’d be two.

A writer’s road trip #1

First would be to the UK. Where I have already experienced a road trip at a much younger age. But this time my travels would take me into Ireland and Scotland. There’s a natural magic for me around these locations that I feel would do wonders for my world building creativity. From the landscape, so different to Alberta, to the cultures, to the myths and legends. They’re locations made for story.

A writer’s road trip #2

The second would be to Japan. Again, this a location filled with wonder and imagination that I would love to experience first hand. I’ve experienced a lot of Japan and Japanese culture second-hand, and feel that the first hand experience of it would be another set of memories to last a lifetime – as well as providing pools of story inspiration.

Once our world opens up more again, I intend to take both of these trips.

In the meantime, I immerse myself in digital road trips of a sort, utilizing YouTube videos to take me into these worlds as much as possible. And really, this is a necessary reality for most writers. Traveling to far away lands isn’t always an option for many reasons. But experiencing new worlds is a critical benefit to writers no matter what story they’re writing.

You may have guessed, I’d love to hear from you too. What’s a road trip you’d love to take that would help to inspire the stories you’re writing or plan to write?


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2 thoughts on “A writer’s road trip”

    1. Thank you! I’m just itching for the day that I’ll be able to take a trip to Japan. Was hoping it would happen in 2022, but it’s not going to be in the cards. But one day! And how fun! Hello fellow Calgarian! 😊

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