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Tanya Jones Author

Tanya Jones (Thibodeau) is the Publisher of the Gateway Gazette digital media, winner of the Royal Canadian Legion Media Award. She is also a freelance writer, YA Fantasy author and has been a fan of elven origins and supernatural powers for decades. She excels at problem solving with a 360-degree view of the existence of multiple perceptions. The Elves of Eytherfel continue to be a work in progress. The final version of Book 1 is ready to query agents with and Book 2 needs a major overhaul!

** Clarification for investigative agents. I wrote the first draft of Book 1 in 2011. I “sort of self-published” that first draft in 2015 – for no reason other than to get Beta Readers and feedback. It was published on Amazon for ease of access for Beta Readers only and the reviews are the feedback received for that very first version. The book has had four (actually 5 now) complete, and major, re-writes since then. The final version that I am now looking for an agent for is night and day to that first draft – after having gone through a major overhaul with a developmental editor. The chapters posted on this website were for members only access for Beta Readers and are from version 3 of the book. While menu access has been removed, some pages are technically still live. Just mentioning in case links are stumbled across! **

But for those who might like a bit more…

At heart, I am an entrepreneur – by every stretch of the imagination.  One of the things that I love most about that is that there is never a dull moment – being an entrepreneur has served my naturally fickle ways extremely well.  Mainly because nothing ever stays the same leaving me no time to get bored!

The down-side? Somehow I’ve managed to marry my entrepreneurial tendencies with my artistic nature… the end result? I would have likely made a whole lot more money had I carried on to become the lawyer I’d always dreamed of being! However, I have to say without a moment of hesitation that I wouldn’t change it for the world. (But all donations are gratefully accepted! Haha)

Seriously though, I love business, I love art, I love acting, I love music, singing & dancing, I love reading, I love writing…. basically, if it involves the arts and combines the business side of life I am all over it!   MY LIFE

Geez, a whole page to write all about me!


Well, being at a loss for something to say is rarely a form of descriptive anyone would use for me!
But when it comes to telling others about myself, well….


So where do I start? Oh the smart ass remarks that come to mind! *sigh*

I was born in 1974…. to some I’m a young pup – to my kids I’m ancient!  I tell ya, if you ever start to think that you’ve learned all there is to learn about life, talk to a teenager, they will soon set you straight on just how much you really don’t know! None-the-less, at this point in my life I am proud to say that I have had the pleasure of enjoying a great many adventures.  I was the second lead lady in a stage production of Grease – yes, that would be Rizzo.  Great fun and many fond memories.  I’ve played piano since I was 4 years old and taught for many years – until I found that far too many parents force their kids to take lessons that they really didn’t want to take.  So wanting to maintain my love of music, I moved on.  I’ve traveled through more than a dozen countries and look forward to the day I am able to travel a dozen more.  I’ve worked in law firms, travel agencies, bakeries, gas stations, grocery stores……. and all of this before I was the ripe age of 20.

Moving on to my adult years, the next 20 years brought with it a whole new world of experiences – including university, marriage, two wonderful kids, a few businesses, the creation of book and a divorce – life keeps you on your toes! In business, there’s been real estate appraisals with my grandfather and mom; a 5-star restaurant with my ex-husband (when he was my husband!); a horse ranch with my mom, dad, brother and nephew; a rock band called Rezinator as the bassist again with my, at the time, non-ex-husband; real estate sales with mom; and a good news only community newspaper that we transitioned into 100% digital format in 2012 –Gateway Gazette.

In 2010, having always had a love of literature, movies and romance I found myself bitten by a bug to write.  Inspired by a few truly great writers and also a few not so great but incredibly successful authors, I took the plunge and started my author journey and wrote my first, YA Fantasy/Romance – over 88,000 words in roughly 45 days.  But as life is life, my masterpiece ended up getting shelved for almost 5 years.  However, I believe everything happens for a reason (it turns out my masterpiece first draft needed a whole lot of work!) and I believe that the time is now right – thus this journey truly begins here and now in 2015…  

So the 2015 start turned out to be another 4 years of “life” – but it also came with a tremendous amount of initial beta readers, feedback, support, encouragement – and not a little impatience as my wonderful followers would press me to “get on with it”.    

2019 marks the beginning of a new year and an exciting re-write, that I have begun since the first draft of book 2 was completed in 2018.  

But it also marks the end of an era, as I lost my mom near the end of 2018. That’s been a hard adjustment, and I’m sad that she won’t be with me each step of the way during the final leg of this journey. She was a beacon and a rock through-out my entire writer’s journey so far. But I know that I’ll do her proud and that she’s watching over me to make darn sure that I truly make 2019 the final leg of this journey and get this darn set done!  

I hope you’ll enjoy this journey with me!

I’m happy to answer any questions anyone has, so feel free to leave comments!

You can also find more information and photos about me and my books here: http://tanyajones.ca/media-kit/

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  1. 🙂 thank you CC, I’ll certainly never think that I’ve done all there is to do! Every day is a new adventure.

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