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Bloganuary and that’s a wrap

Well, my lovelies, I had a good run. Managed to keep it going for 22 days straight – longest consecutive blogging stretch for me ever. But alas, a few of you may have noticed, I fell off the wagon. While technically there’s still one more day to go, I’m calling it an official wrap for myself.

I have a nasty habit of burning the candle at both ends, and this time the wick ran out. Between new work projects, my writer’s critique group starting up again, and life in general – I’ve confirmed that daily blogging is not something that is currently in the cards for me. But that’s okay.

I’ve always said that for bloggers, writers, creators, business owners… anyone looking to establish an audience and an online presence, the most important factor formula is: to establish a consistent frequency that is realistically sustainable for you long-term. In fairness, I was impressed I lasted 22 days.

But even though I didn’t technically make it through to the end, I do want to thank for hosting the Bloganuary Challenge. It was great fun, I enjoyed the posts that I was able to publish, and it’s reminded me of the importance of practicing what I preach. I’m awful at being consistent, and I end up in these all or nothing sprints that aren’t realistically sustainable for me.

So what this challenge has done for me, is that it’s renewed my interest in my own website and blog, and has inspired me to aim for a schedule of once per week. Starting today, my new goal is to publish a new post every Sunday, as it’s the only consistent day per week that I don’t work.

Thank you for all the “Likes” and comments that I’ve received on my Bloganuary posts. If you missed any of them, you can view them here: #bloganuary. If you were also a participant in Bloganuary – what parts did you like best? And what did you get out of it overall, or learn about yourself in the process?

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