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Bloganuary and that’s a wrap

Well, my lovelies, I had a good run. Managed to keep it going for 22 days straight – longest consecutive blogging stretch for me ever. But alas, a few of you may have noticed, I fell off the wagon. While technically there’s still one more day to go, I’m calling it an official wrap for myself. I have a nasty habit of burning the candle at both ends, and this time the wick ran out. Between new work projects, my …

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My favourite quote

Bloganuary day 22! Today’s prompt is: What is your favorite quote and why? A prompt that I didn’t even have to spend a millisecond thinking about! There is one quote that I have lived by my entire life. It was engrained into me by my grandfather since a very young age and I still have the piece of paper that he wrote it out on in calligraphy, that he kept pinned to the wall above his desk. Whether you think …

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Time travel, or realm travel?

Bloganuary day 21! Today’s prompt is: If you could, what year would you time travel to and why? On a personal level, I’m kind of a here and now type of person. Live in the moment. So, when I think seriously about it, I’m not so sure that there is any particular year within my life span, or outside of it, that I’d want to travel to. I don’t have any regrets that I’d want to reverse. And I cherish …

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