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Meet Shadow

This gorgeous little gal is the inspiration behind a furbaby, Shadow, that I’ve added to The Elves of Eytherfel world. I did a pile of research on what type of native furry friends I could choose from, and while not a common choice, I… Continue Reading “Meet Shadow”

How to become a better writer

A glimpse into my writing process and advice I recommend.

Are you a lover of romance in literature?

I have to admit that I’m more drawn to books that have a romance thread in them, than those that don’t. I even went through a phase of reading one Harlequin romance after another. While they weren’t necessarily the best reading quality, they were… Continue Reading “Are you a lover of romance in literature?”

What is an aura? Can they truly be seen?

I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of auras. So it’s not really surprising that they took a role in my books. Aside from the slightly crazed look in this guy’s eyes, this picture is a pretty good visual representation of the experience Amanae… Continue Reading “What is an aura? Can they truly be seen?”

What if your life wasn’t really what you think it is?

Have you ever wondered “what if”? What if magic were real? What if mythical creatures were real? What if you’re not actually human? [Tweet “What if you’re not actually human?”] I’m sure you’re starting to gather from the nature of my articles that these… Continue Reading “What if your life wasn’t really what you think it is?”