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If you could shape-shift, what animal would you pick?

Since I’m a lover of animals, both real and mythical, choosing an animal form that I would have the ability to shape-shift to┬áis a nearly impossible choice for me. There are many animal forms that are majestic, beautiful and powerful – which really sums… Continue Reading “If you could shape-shift, what animal would you pick?”

Never be late again with Teleportation?

So I have this rather horrible trait of constantly running late, for pretty much everything in my life. It doesn’t come from a lack of caring or irresponsibility. It’s more akin to Murphy (as in Murphy’s Law) and I having a severely ongoing battle… Continue Reading “Never be late again with Teleportation?”

What if you could control an element?

If you had the choice to be able to control an element, which would it be? Air, water, fire or earth? This is a pretty easy one for me, I’d want to control air. Though my reasons for such a definitive answer may cause… Continue Reading “What if you could control an element?”

What do you procrastinate on the most?

Do you procrastinate? I know I sure do, quite a bit actually. But after reading a blog post by fellow author Riley Froud, and her take on immortality and time, she got me to thinking about procrastination. What is it that I procrastinate on… Continue Reading “What do you procrastinate on the most?”

What if you could speak telepathically

Would you be into the concept of being able to speak telepathically? I can say that hands down YES I would very much be into the ability to speak telepathically. It’s probably why this particular ability is one that is a bit more prominent… Continue Reading “What if you could speak telepathically”