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Is communication becoming a lost art?

Have you ever had one of those all night long type of conversations? You know the kind that starts in one place and leads through to so many different thoughts and topics you wish it would never end? The kind where there is flowing,… Continue Reading “Is communication becoming a lost art?”

What if you could read anyone’s mind?

I’ve seriously pondered the concept of ‘what if I could read anyone’s mind’ and I’m rather on the fence about it. For certain there have been countless times when I have definitely wished that I could read someone’s mind! But in reality, would it… Continue Reading “What if you could read anyone’s mind?”

We are what we think

My post last week of What if you were immortal got my mind to thinking about my life in general and my belief that we are what we think. I can say with confidence that I strive to live my life to its fullest,… Continue Reading “We are what we think”

What if you were immortal?

Yes, that’s right – what if you were immortal? How would that change your life or the way you live your life? Writing fantasy novels certainly brings to mind all sorts of questions and what-if scenarios. I’ve always loved exploring these what-if scenarios even… Continue Reading “What if you were immortal?”

Full Steam Ahead

I’m feeling on a pretty good roll these days. Not only am I full steam ahead on the rewrite for the full Elves of Eytherfel story, I also got my website revamp finished.  And with that revamp came a Beta Reader Membership that was… Continue Reading “Full Steam Ahead”