person rock climbing

My favourite quote

Bloganuary day 22! Today’s prompt is: What is your favorite quote and why? A prompt that I didn’t even have to spend a millisecond thinking about! There is one quote that I have lived by my entire life. It was engrained into me by my grandfather since a very young age and I still have …

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body of water between green leaf trees

Photos are a great writing tool

Bloganuary day 20! Today’s prompt is: What is your favorite photo you’ve ever taken? So, the direct prompt, as is, doesn’t really lend itself to anything writing related for myself. Because, I’ve never taken any photos either for my writing or that has inspired my writing. However, photos in general are an incredible source of …

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Magic is mysterious!

Bloganuary day 19! Today’s prompt is: Write about something mysterious. Since I write fiction, and this site is about writing and especially fiction, and we just finished a prompt a couple days ago about superpowers… I’m kind of ashamed that not only did this prompt completely stump me, it made me run late on my …

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