DBW – Chapter 13

Korali stands at the entrance of the entertainment room while he lets Amaera’s haunting music float from the harp and wash over him. He would never tire of listening to her play.

Amaera opens her eyes when the song is finished to see Korali watching her, “Did you want something Korali?” 

“Ah, yes Darling, how are you feeling today?” 

She raises her eyebrow, “I’m fine, why do ask?”

“Oh I just want to make sure that you are not over doing it. With the increase in our visits to Korselvan I was concerned if you were experiencing too much fatigue.”

“Nothing I can’t handle,” she waits for him to continue.

Korali walks into the room, “This pleases me, you have a great deal of strength my dear.”

Amaera can tell that Korali is measuring himself, what’s he up to now? She continues to wait.

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