DBW – Chapter 15

We walk in silence for a bit as he leads the way to wherever it is that he wants to take me. Then he stops. 

“Close your eyes,” he says.


“Do you trust me?”

I sigh, we both know this has already been established, so I close my eyes.

I feel material wrap around my hand again, followed by the strength of his hand in mine as he leads me further. 

“Keep your eyes closed,” he says after we’ve gone a short distance. Then I feel him pick me up and I let out a small squeal. 

“No peeking,” he warns. I can hear the smile in his voice and I chuckle. 

With my eyes closed I’m very aware of his presence as my other senses sharpen – his physical strength, his scent, the sound of his heartbeat, the rhythm of his breathing. It’s somewhat unsettling, very distracting and causes all kinds of physical reactions in my body. 

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