DBW – Chapter 16

I’m staring at the emerald green eye of a dragon, transfixed by its shininess. It glints every time the light catches it. It’s small enough for me to grab, but well secured to the blanket I clutch.

Same blanket, bigger hands. I hug it close to me as I curl up on the couch next to Caelsah.

I’m crying. “Don’t cry, Amanae, tell Mommy what’s wrong?” 

“Dragon’s eye gone,” I sniffle. 

“There, there. It’s ok, we can fix it.” 

“See, all better.” 

My eyes light up as I hug the blanket tightly.

I’m giggling almost as much as my sister. But she’s having a harder time while I sit on her and tickle her.

“Amaera no, green eye is mine, red is yours!” I try to take my blanket back. 


Amaera starts to cry, causing me to cry too.

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