DBW – Chapter 17

With that stated, I stand up. “Tryaethus, is there a class that deals with skills connected to emotions?”

She looks surprised. “Oh, uh, yes? What do you mean emotions?”

Caelsah doesn’t seem too pleased by my dismissal of him, but that’s too bad. He’s just going to have to get over it. We may have been close ten years ago, but it was different. I was just a child and so much has happened since then. 

“Well, for a while now, whenever I take a deep breath it utterly calms me down,” ironic I think to myself, I could sure use one right now, but refuse to take it. 

“Interesting. Have you noticed feeling the emotions of others?”

I consider this, I don’t really know. Maybe? Could that have been the cause of so many irrational mood swings? That the emotions weren’t in fact my own?

“I’m not completely sure, but I think it might be possible.”

“Well, we could attend the empath class and see if it offers any insight for you.”

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