DBW – Chapter 18

“I trust you have news worthy of my time?”

“I do my lord. Rumor has it that Amanae’s memories have returned.”

“You think I am interested in rumors? You are supposed to be gathering facts for me.”

“Yes sir, but it’s been a little difficult, as until today I haven’t had an opportunity to get close to her.”

“What changed today?”

Mailian smirks, “I used my charm of course. I’m working on getting a date with her. It’ll be much easier to keep tabs on her that way.” 

“You did what?” Korali rages. “Idiot. Amanae is a carrier of Core Magic, she will only bond with a protector and that bond has already formed, whether she is aware of it or not.”

Mailian’s face drops, “Oh, I wasn’t aware of that. What’s Core Magic?”

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