DBW – Chapter 20

We walk for a while in silence. Suddenly he looks at me with a big grin. 

“Wanna race?” he asks. 

I grin, “You’re on hot shot!” 

Before he can say anything else I take off in a flash. Wow! Guess I was right, I’m running so fast! Yet everything seems to be going past me in slow motion. It’s crazy. Then Caelsah blasts past me. Damn it! Why does he have to be so good at everything?!

When we get to a clearing by the lake we stop. I’m amazed that I’m not in the least bit out of breath. 

“Keep grinning, Beauty-boy, I’ll beat you one day,” I grin at him. 

He laughs at me and I stick my tongue out at him as I stretch out on the ground to look up at the stars. Caelsah lies down beside me.

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