DBW – Chapter 24

Between Tiathal and Sheonna, I was able to get fully caught up on my much needed rest. In fact, I pretty much slept the entire weekend away and feel great for it. 

I arrive at school early on Monday to ask Tryaethus to help me practice seeing Auras as students arrive. 

Following the same general process for practicing other base abilities, I bring them into focus slowly and then fade them out gradually. Starting one at a time and increasing to several at once.

Tryaethus has to break my concentration a couple of times when a particularly strong Aura overwhelms me, but none of them are anything like Caelsah’s Aura and I feel confident that I’m getting the hang of controlling how much I see.

We’re taking a break when I feel a slight tug at my own Aura. It’s an odd feeling. I look around to find Shalar staring at me. I suck in my breath as I look at her and reach my hand out to Tryaethus. 

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