DBW – Chapter 28

“Amaera, watch out!” Cymah yells at her. 

Instinctively she raises her hands up to ward off whatever was bound to hit her, like that would do any good. But she’d been so distracted by an overwhelming sense of there being something wrong with Amanae that she didn’t have time to do anything else.

She closes her eyes and braces herself for the inevitable pain, since Korali insists that her training sessions take place with real weapons. He claims that it will ensure that she takes her training more seriously. While there’s little risk of her sustaining any permanent injuries, the pain is very real and often the healing remedies are even more painful.

When the pain doesn’t follow she opens her eyes to find Cymah staring at her incredulously. She looks at the throwing knife embedded in the ground just a few feet from her. 

“What happened?” she asks, confused at why Cymah would have been shouting so urgently about a knife that clearly wouldn’t reach her. 

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