DBW – Chapter 29

It’s morning when I wake up and I sit up in a panic; I can’t believe I had left Jordan alone, with Mailian. How could I do that?! What have I done? I realize that I’m in my jammies and am under the covers – I don’t remember getting changed. The last thing I remember was lying with Caelsah as exhaustion overcame us both.

I run my fingers through my hair. A movement in the corner of my eye catches my attention. I look over to see Jordan asleep on a couch – it’s one of the ones from the entertainment room.

‘Mom?!’ I’m worried about when Jordan had arrived in my room.

‘It’s ok sweetheart, he was asleep on the couch downstairs when Caelsah came downstairs. Caelsah and your dad carried the couch up to your room with him on it – it was Caelsah’s suggestion.’

I sigh with relief.

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