DBW – Chapter 9

“Amanae, welcome!” the teacher, Uthlie, says as we walk into the room. “I’m glad that you’re able to join us today, I believe you’ll find it quite interesting.”

“Oh, thank you,” I say quietly, not liking the way the entire room is staring at me.

“Class, let’s get started. Who can tell me what the more common, base elven skills are?”

A young girl raises her hand, “Speed, hearing and strength.” 

“Excellent start! Yes, these are the three that most elves report as experiencing first and often quite young. Now, keeping in mind that we’re not in a training court, who can demonstrate strength for us?”

I watch with fascination as a tiny wisp of a girl carefully pickups up the teachers desk, by herself and slowly places it back down without dropping it or causing any damage to it.

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