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I do actually like my writing

Bloganuary day 8! Today’s prompt is:

What do you like most about your writing?

Woohoo an easy prompt!! Well, maybe haha. Easy, at least, in that I don’t have to figure out how to pivot it to make it about writing!

For some writers, this is actually a really difficult topic, because, you know, imposter syndrome. Those nasty little inner demons that creep their way in, making us question whether there’s anything to like about our writing. 

But I’m going to put on my confidence hat for this one, because on those good days, I do actually like my writing. My preferred style is a more casual approach. I like to keep things conversational in non-fiction and in fiction. And I like that when I read back over things I’ve written, that I enjoy re-reading them. 

To distill this down, the thing I like most about my writing is using a style which connects with my readers. 

I like to draw my readers in and keep them close to me, the subject, and the characters. It’s why I chose to write first person present for my fiction writing. Every time I try to stray from that, it feels like there’s too much distance. I don’t feel as connected to the story or to my readers. And really, for me personally, I’m writing for you, not for me. 

Yeah, yeah, I heard your gasp. Writer’s are told so often they should write for themselves. To let their own passion drive their desire to write. To forget about the audience and write whether anyone will ever read it or not. 

Call me a weirdo if you want. I can’t do it. Much like I’m no good at keeping a personal journal. But I’m a person who is driven by what I can do for others. It’s not a self-sacrificing thing. I don’t do things that are detrimental to myself in the name of helping others. But. I’m far more passionate in everything I do when there’s someone on the receiving end who will benefit in some way. 

Writing fiction is no different for me. If there wasn’t another soul on the planet to read what I write, I highly doubt I’d write at all. But I also don’t need a big audience. Just one person (that’s you by the way) is what matters to me. Because if something I have to say will make your day a little brighter, then my day is a lot brighter. 

Of course we don’t always get the validation. Sometimes the person who benefits doesn’t speak up. But that’s okay too. Because I’ve conditioned myself to believe that someone, somewhere will read my words, hear my message, embrace my story. And that’s all that matters to me. 

Well, this one took off on a little tangent! But it still feels relevant. Because I’m sharing not only what I like about my own writing, but why I like it. I’ve been fortunate enough to receive just enough validation on various pieces I’ve written over the years, both fiction and non-fiction, that I’m content in the belief that someone is reading and benefiting from my words – even if it’s just in the form of a smile. Maybe this time it’s you. 

No matter what doubts we have along the way, there’s always something good to find in our writing. So what do you like most about your own writing?

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5 thoughts on “I do actually like my writing”

  1. Yes, you are writing for me…and I hear you. With your words, I, too, realize I need an audience. Even if it is one person. So those comments people send me after they read something I wrote – yep – I like them! And it makes me think my job is done!!!! Thank You! I love your writing style.

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