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I’m grateful for everything every day

Bloganuary day 10! Today’s prompt is:

What are 5 things you’re grateful for today?

I’ve never been a personal fan of listing things like this. But then I’m also not a practitioner of affirmations. Not that I have anything against them, I just live every day by them instinctively without feeling the need to recite them. But I do make a point of thinking about them and showing my appreciation for them daily. 

I live with intention and do my best to not take things for granted. And I acknowledge those moments when I have taken something for granted. Therefore, I’m grateful for everything in my life. Not just today, but every day. 

Part of me wants to create the list as per the prompt (I like to follow instructions). But part of me doesn’t want to (I prefer instructions that make sense). Not really meaning that the prompt doesn’t make sense, it just doesn’t make sense for me personally, and if I start creating a list, even if I keep it specifically related to writing alone, it will be much longer than 5 things.

To then restrict the list to just 5 of them would feel wrong because it’s like saying that I’m not as grateful for the things that don’t make the list. Which isn’t true, because all of the many things I am grateful for are equally important. 

But I appreciate the prompt, and I know many others will benefit from taking this time to dig deep and to remember there are many things to be grateful for in our lives. Even during dark times. And the more you develop the habit of acknowledging everything from small to big that you’re grateful for, the brighter they will shine when dark times encroach. 

I won’t be a hypocrite and invite you to share your list, but you’re still welcome to comment. Keep smiling, because you have a beautiful smile!

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2 thoughts on “I’m grateful for everything every day”

  1. I agree a list does confine what we are grateful for. The part of your writing about how acknowledging the small and large everyday helps us through the dark times is so very true.

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