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Some of you may have already seen my Facebook post… but for those of you who missed it:

School’s out…. Forever!! Unless of course something changes in the future haha.

To clarify, for the last three years I’ve been working as a computer tech with my local school division. As of June 30th I am officially done my “day job”. It’s been a great three years, I’ve met some wonderful people and learned a whole bunch. Thanks to staff and students for making it so memorable!

Now no need to gasp and no cause for concern. There are far more ups than downs to the elimination of my day job. I’m back in control of my own schedule (and loving it), I’m back at the helm of my business (Gateway Gazette), I’ve got more time to dedicate to my newest project (Bookshop Bistro) and last but far from least – I am able to write WAY more often (as in daily again) and the progress on Book 2 is already benefitting!

I also hope to provide more regular posts on my blog now too – so stay tuned!

So this is a time to celebrate and I’m thrilled to have this wonderful news to share with you!

During my last days of work, I was also spoiled with some lovely parting gifts too ????

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    • Thanks Janet, I’ve already been writing so much more, though not quite where I want to be yet I’m getting there! 🙂

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