Life lessons from writing

Life lessons from writing

Bloganuary day 15! Today’s prompt is:

What is a life lesson you feel everyone can benefit from learning?

My goodness, where to even start with this one. Honestly, there are many life lessons that I feel everyone can benefit from – and especially from writing, so it’s an easy tie-in, but we’ll be here all day if I don’t control myself and most of my posts are too long as it is haha.

So I think the one I’ll focus on is perseverance and resilience. Okay, that’s two, but they go very hand-in-hand in life and definitely in writing.

The life lesson that writing will give us is that perseverance and resilience is what will make or break our ability to pursue our dreams of writing (I actually believe that to be true for all things in life, but sticking with the writing theme here). No matter what, it’s pretty much guaranteed that at some point (maybe more than once) we’re going to hit a wall and we’re going to get rejected.

It might be rejection from an agent or publisher, it might be from a reader, it might even be from a friend. But the fact is, not every single person on this planet is going to love what we write – and that’s okay.

The wall might be because of the rejection, or we might end up staring at a blank page while our muse takes a nap and refuses to join us. But either way, we’re going to feel like we’re done, it’s over, there’s no possible hope for a future in writing.

It’s our resilience to these events and our perseverance to plow through them that will win the day. That will keep us going. That will help us to reach our goals. But these traits don’t come naturally for everyone. For some people, rejection is a seriously debilitating event – like full blown panic attack level – and that’s very real. And very scary.

But I can promise you, that if you figure out a way, whatever you need to do, to find your resilience and perseverance, you will forever be grateful for doing so. It will be easier for some and seemingly impossible for others – but for everyone, it is worth the effort.

Because, when you have a passion, a desire, that is deeply motivating on a personal, emotional level, you realize what all this writing stuff means to you and the difference it makes in your life and inevitably, in the life of someone else – and there is no greater feeling in the world than to overcome the rejections and walls with resilience and perseverance and come out on top at the other end.

So take a deep breath, a shot of whisky (no maybe not), hug yourself, love yourself, and know in your heart that it is worth it. Learning and understanding that, in my opinion, is one the greatest life lessons that we can gain from writing.

What about you? Any profound words of wisdom to share?

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2 thoughts on “Life lessons from writing”

  1. Cool Tanya. I’d say, although not sure it’s exactly a life lesson, well, depends how it comes about, but for me I’d say: Understand Emphasis. It’s also a bonus from perseverance and resilience, both Emphasize much which is beneficial. Why Emphasis? Because Emphasis literally rewires the brain. What we Emphasis thus creates us.
    In a writing context, it’s huge huge huge. For instance, I never liked writing, all my life, but, needed to write lots, so, I used Emphasis to change that. I ONLY wrote when I ad energy and felt like it and was at lest a little fun, and stopped when none of those weren’t present any more. I kept doing this and before long, that Emphasis on write being fun nd easy became wired into my brain and, well now I have literally millions and millions of words of content in less than 10 years. Multiple book series etc. Just one example of the power of Emphasis.
    😛 😀 <3

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