Magic is mysterious!

Bloganuary day 19! Today’s prompt is:

Write about something mysterious.

Since I write fiction, and this site is about writing and especially fiction, and we just finished a prompt a couple days ago about superpowers… I’m kind of ashamed that not only did this prompt completely stump me, it made me run late on my blogging streak. (Only the second time, so I haven’t struck out yet.) Thus the rather “duh” moment title!

Magic is mysterious and is something I have been fascinated with my whole life. I’m not talking about slight-of-hand, or the type of magic performed on stage. Though not going to lie, that’s mysterious too. Malcolm Russell would have to be my favourite and I’ll unabashedly give him a shout out. I knew him as a magician on stage long before he became an acquaintance and friend, though in fairness I am closer to his wife, but I digress. They’re wonderful people and he’s an amazing magician, and how can I not bring him up when I mention magic?

However, at the moment, I’m writing a post about the other kind of magic. Merlin, Sabrina, Gandalf, Harry, sorcery, wizardry… I think I’m rather partial to Merlin’s style of magic, especially in the BBC series, but it’s all wonderfully mysterious. A thing that often makes me wonder what if. What if we all had magic like that? What if it does actually exist and we just don’t know how (or have forgotten) how to tap into it?

There are many who truly believe it does exist. They could be right. I hope they are. I haven’t experienced it first hand myself, but a world with magic is a place I could certainly subscribe to live in. When I think about it, and all the stories, articles, and documentaries that I’ve read or watched about mysterious things that have happened in our world, it gets my mind turning. When I was researching elves and fairies and all the various folklore that goes with them, it was exciting – an unknown but a maybe. You really can’t help but wonder what exactly is surrounding us that we’re just not aware of.

So yes, magic is mysterious. I don’t have answers, or anything profound to say about it or why it’s mysterious to me. But I love possibilities and rabbit holes that thinking about it sends my mind chasing.

What’s something you find to be mysterious?

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