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Hey! It’s pretty cool that you’re here, because it means that you’re interested in being part of my Beta Reader group. I really appreciate that!

So the deal is pretty straight forward. Sign up for a free membership. Remember your login information. And then watch your email for notifications when new information, content, free copies etc has been released.

You get early access to read the books before they’re published publicly, and you’re invited to submit comments on the chapters to let me know about typos, anything that doesn’t flow, if a part just doesn’t make sense, if I’ve messed up with consistency, or general thoughts about something that you really like or don’t like.

Basically, I’d like YOU to be part of the creation process to really polish these books into something extra special. It’s not about changing the story or the general concept, but about turning these books into something you love and want to read over and over.

It’s a big dream, but hey, go big or go home! 🙂

So if this sounds cool to you, fill out the form below to get started!

Beta Readers