My yoga journey

For about a year now I have contemplated giving yoga a try. Well, I finally took the plunge this past weekend. A friend of mine sent me some links and I dove straight in to a 30 day challenge.

I knew very little about yoga, but what I had seen of it, it pretty much looked like a variety of stretches. You know, the things you do before a REAL workout.

Haha, so for those of you who KNOW yoga, feel free to laugh at my ignorance. For those of you who feel that yoga is the lazy person’s workout… I dare you to try a 30 day challenge. For those of you who know as little as I did, don’t be scared.

I am now on day 4 of a 30 day yoga challenge and I’m both shocked and thrilled. I said to my friend at the end of day 1 that after 30 days of this I’m either going to feel amazing or I’ll be dead! First off I was shocked at how difficult it actually is; well to become the pretzel that the instructor achieves at least! I was also amazed that it brings me to a sweat – there is no cardio activity in yoga (like walking, running on the spot, cycling etc). You aren’t trying to increase your heart rate, you’re trying to slow it down.

yoga photoBut it turns out that there are several things that I love about yoga. I can do it in my own home, without it costing me a dime, no fancy equipment and no audience to make me feel self conscious. Did I mention that I don’t have to go anywhere? I roll out of bed, have my breakfast and coffee and then get to it. I also don’t have to worry about the fact that right now I can’t even do half of what the instructor in the videos does. While she’s stood on flat feet, with her arms wrapped around her ankles, her head basically touching the floor and her chest touching her knees… I’m pleased to be bent at the waist, with my knees slightly bent and my palms resting on my thighs. No one’s around to judge me and my screaming thighs and gluts are enough to tell me it’s working!!

But there are two things that are already standing out above the rest. 1) I love the increase in energy that I’m already experiencing and 2) I’ve been thrilled at an increase in my creativity and how much more my writing is flowing.

So there you have it, a rookie’s look at giving yoga a shot. If you’ve been thinking about it, I highly recommend you take the plunge. Maybe you want to take a look at the 30 day challenge I’m working through. If it hasn’t crossed your mind, maybe give it a thought, you just might be pleasantly surprised!

Here’s the link to the gal I’m following, I think she’s terrific:

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience as well as the guide you’re following. Yoga really is something that you can do even without investing on equipment. It’s one of the few ones out there that, instead of stressing you out, relaxes you to keep you in shape. Great read!

    • Thanks for the comment. I fully agree that it is one of the few that creates relaxation instead of stress. 🙂

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