Never be late again with Teleportation?

So I have this rather horrible trait of constantly running late, for pretty much everything in my life.

ladies watch photo - teleportationIt doesn’t come from a lack of caring or irresponsibility. It’s more akin to Murphy (as in Murphy’s Law) and I having a severely ongoing battle of who’s going to get the upper hand. I’m sorry, but he really is kind of a jerk and he’s a sore loser. So any time I actually manage to be on time for something, you can guarantee that the next several days or weeks of my life are going to be hell.

But he’s also incredibly crafty, because he recruits pretty much everyone in my life to conspire against me. I can honestly say that the vast majority of the time that I’m late for something it’s because of a delay caused by someone else.

Sounds like an excuse or me trying to place blame. But that truly isn’t my nature, I’m a firm believer that we all need to take responsibility for our own actions and destiny, and be accountable for our own lives.

So if I dig a little deeper, the truth of the matter is that I have a massive challenge with saying “no” to people. If someone needs my help, I’m all hands on deck without a second thought. I try to be clear about my obligations and responsibilities, so I’ll be up front that I have to leave by a certain time.

But yet again, this is not an area of strength for me. Everything has a habit of taking longer than we expect (at least in my life… a lack of project management skills perhaps?). So as the clock ticks by, I end up feeling massively guilty at leaving someone in the middle of something that I know they still need my help with.

It gets to the point that it’s typically best if I just make sure that I don’t actually need to be anywhere at a certain time. In fact, my daughter has declared that “I’m in a Hurry” by Alabama should be my theme song!

Now these are personal traits that I could absolutely work on (and I do) and strive to be better… but you know, if we had the ability to teleport? Well I have to say that with teleportation my problems would be SOLVED!

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For starters, if we could all teleport, then I wouldn’t have to play taxi for my kids several times a day. And really, if they needed to be accompanied (which at their ages is rare), it would only require minutes of my time as opposed to hours.

When I think about how much time I spend commuting for different things, it’s ridiculous how much time I lose for things that are more productive or fun.

Having said that, I am what people call a “driver” – meaning I enjoy driving, I’m a good driver, and you RARELY see me as a passenger with anyone. So even with the ability to teleport, I wouldn’t want cars to become obsolete.

1972 barracuda photo - teleportationOf course with teleportation being a thing there wouldn’t be the need to drive as much or as often, it would become more of a thing we do for pleasure… a lovely Sunday drive into the backcountry or the mountains. Or as a means to just get away for a bit for some quiet thinking time or to listen to an audio book.

Think of how much less road rage there would be too!

If you’re running late or in a hurry – teleport. When you’re relaxed and time isn’t an issue – drive your favourite car. (And yes, a 1972 purple Barracuda would count as my favourite car!)

I really would be ok with a lifestyle that included teleportation and can’t really think of any downside to it. I wonder if millions of people teleporting would cause some kind of air or particle jams (I really don’t know the science behind this lol).

Over to you – what are your thoughts on teleportation? Would you enjoy the ability? Would you be uneasy with it?


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2 thoughts on “Never be late again with Teleportation?”

  1. It sounds great to me. I wouldn’t be nervous about it at all as long as there weren’t any transporter accidents like the ones that occasionally happened in certain Star Trek series.

    1. Haha excellent point! Or like Galaxy Quest… getting turned inside-out would for certain be rather unfortunate! Lol

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