New query blurb

With a whole new book there needs to be a whole new hook and blurb!

Change is inevitable and scary, and that’s ok. But tell that to seventeen year old Amanda as she fights to hang on to her identity, when she learns that she’s actually Amanae, the powerful heir to an elven realm. Headstrong and practical, Amanae wants nothing to do with the magic surging within her, or the destiny she’s forced to face.

There’s just one problem.

Rejecting magic means rejecting her family and Caelsah, whose piercing blue eyes makes her heart melt. But accepting magic means risking the future of her closest friend Jordan. 

In just a few short months, Amanae must overcome her fear of losing herself and embrace the leader she was born to be, or risk eradicating magic and the elves she’s destined to lead.


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