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People are amazing and inspiring

Bloganuary day 6! Today’s prompt is:

Who is someone that inspires you and why?

So kind of in line with how do I pick one thing that I wish I knew how to do, how do I pick one person who inspires me? Because, so many people are amazing. For me, I don’t think it’s so much about having one specific mentor or idol or person that I look up to or that motivates me.

It the actions and successes of others, some small, some big, that inspire me.

When it comes to my writing, I also don’t have a favorite author that I aspire to emulate. I don’t actual know the author behind a lot of the books that I’ve enjoyed. Right or wrong as that may be. But my love of books and writing comes from the story and the characters, and for some reason often stay disconnected from the author. The exception would be when the author has produced series that I’ve become invested in, those are authors that stick with me – though it’s still their stories and characters that draw me in, not that they as an author necessarily inspire me.

The one exception to that would be Stephanie Meyers. She was an inspiration for me to write a book in the first place, for no other reason than she was a normal, regular person. A mom, who had a dream one night, and started writing a story during her kid’s swimming lesson and it became wildly popular. Which triggered my brain into “if she can do it, why can’t I?”

Beyond that, I tend to draw my inspiration from the world and people around me at any given time.

Maybe I’m an odd duck on this one. What about you? Is there a particular person who inspires you?

I fumbled on this post. I had it started on time, got pulled away and didn’t get it finished on time. Broke my daily streak dang it. But I’m not deterred, I’m publishing it anyway (back dated) and Day 7 will publish later on today!

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3 thoughts on “People are amazing and inspiring”

    1. There’s definitely truth in that. But while I don’t “aspire” to be like others, I have found that there are things that come from other people which are “inspiring”. Those moments that restore my faith in humanity 😉

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