What if you could read anyone’s mind?

I’ve seriously pondered the concept of ‘what if I could read anyone’s mind’ and I’m rather on the fence about it.

For certain there have been countless times when I have definitely wished that I could read someone’s mind! But in reality, would it actually be a blessing or a curse?

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I suppose on one hand, if I were able to control it, such as being able to simply turn it off and on, then it wouldn’t be so bad. I mean if it was just a free-for-all kind of thing, then that would get incredibly annoying. Dinner with the Joneses at a table of ten is hard enough without having the ability to also read anyone’s mind who was at the table… and if we were in a restaurant… forget it!

But then even with the control of turning it on and off, would I possess the will-power to refrain from taking a telepathic-peek when really I shouldn’t be? That’s a pretty huge temptation. I’m not a religious person, but I’m pretty sure that since that days of Eve, we as humans just aren’t cut out for that kind of temptation.

They do say that ignorance is bliss and I have to admit that there are quite likely thoughts that some people have that I’m just better off not knowing about.

Now if there were other rules, parameters, criteria, etc that went along with the ability to read anyone’s mind, then maybe I could revisit the possibility.

read anyone's mindBut I think I can safely say that no, the ability to read anyone’s mind (which implies an unrestricted, free-will to do so), is not an ability that I personally would want to possess.

What about you? Would having the ability to read anyone’s mind be something that you could handle or would want to handle?

read anyone's mind

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2 thoughts on “What if you could read anyone’s mind?”

  1. No,no… nor anyone else to read mine. It could be handy at that dinner party – if you knew they were thinking ‘Oh God please let her go soon I’m so bored’ you could make a dignified exit with, ‘Must go, have to get up early in the morning (Actually you are bored also and can’t wait to get home and curl up with a book ). Most of us are better off not knowing what others really think of us.

    1. Hehe that’s true too Janet, hadn’t thought of that scenario. But yeah I think we’re in agreement. Consensual telepathy is one thing, but straight out mind reading, nah I think I’m good lol.

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