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Dreams of Beautiful Whisper

Book 1 of The Elves of Eytherfel Series

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This is the new cover for the revised version:

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The current edition of Dreams of Beautiful Whisper is not available for purchase at the moment, however, I am accepting requests for free review copies. If you’d like to receive notification of when review copies are available please sign up for my newsletter.

The original version is available on Amazon, but it has since undergone revisions that have not yet been released.

All Amanda wants to focus on is her boyfriend Jordan, but her persistent dreams interfere as they creep their way into her reality. When Amanda discovers that the beauty-boy invading her sleep is an elven warrior from her past, things get complicated. As the fog of Amanda’s hidden past lifts, she discovers that she’s not just a teenager; she’s also an 84-year-old elf. Amanda’s life is in danger and she has a twin sister who’s been kidnapped. The fate of the earth depends on magic that was isolated a millennium ago and Amanda is the key to restore it – but will she have the courage and strength to embrace her power?