So far, my journey as an author has been very rewarding and I truly feel blessed.

So many people offer their support, guidance, encouragement and ask how they can help. Well, there are actually a few options when it comes to helping out an author, and I’m no exception.

You can follow me by signing up for my email newsletter. The subscribe form is in the sidebar to the right (or down at the bottom if you’re on a phone). You can also follow me on social media (icons at the bottom).

When you read my books you can provide a review and/or feedback, or both! Reviews and feedback are critical to an author’s growth.

Readers often rely on unbiased reviews from other readers – so sharing your opinion can really help to encourage others to follow along as well. This can be as simple as a sentence sharing how your feel, to a more detailed critical review. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. (With the exception of spoilers. If you write a public review that includes spoilers, be sure to visibly flag it near the top so other readers know.)

Feedback is a more private means of sharing constructive criticism that can help the author improve their writing. Sometimes this feedback will be taken into consideration of the current book in question; other times it will provide guidance to future writing. It depends on the stage of writing and editing; and the author.

Buying books. This is the more common way that readers will support authors, because in buying their books they are helping with the financial costs that goes into publishing book – and yes, there are costs. Whether a book is self-published or traditionally published, proofreading, editing, covers, formatting, marketing, website… are some examples of hard costs that authors have to consider.

What tends to surprise me, are the offers of monetary support before a book is officially published. Not as in a bad surprise. But kinda like receiving a compliment, I’m still learning how to respond. This page is part of that learning.

While a monetary exchange is in no way required at this point of my book’s journey, if you would like to make a donation, you can do so with the button below.

But it’s important to know that the free support of providing reviews and feedback are just as critical to an author as financial support is, and possibly even more so during the pre-launch phase. All support and encouragement is greatly and deeply appreciated.

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