What if you could speak telepathically

Would you be into the concept of being able to speak telepathically?

I can say that hands down YES I would very much be into the ability to speak telepathically. It’s probably why this particular ability is one that is a bit more prominent in my series The Elves of Eytherfel.

It’s just something that has always fascinated me. I also personally believe that the ability to speak telepathically truly does exist in parts of our world and in different forms.

speak telepathically

There’s been little incidents in my own life where I’ve experienced a hint of the possibility of a telepathic connection, in particular with my brother. Nothing massive or obvious, but just little things that are later revealed through conversations. Like waking up inexplicably and noticing a very particular time, like 2:31am, only to learn later that my brother was also awake at that exact time.

There’s even been times when such an occurrence has affected our mom as well as the two of us.

Granted it’s nothing conclusive or clearly defined, but it’s the type of thing that certainly makes you question “what-if” and “I wonder” type thoughts.

Not to mention the massive benefits that the ability to speak telepathically would provide me as a parent. I was going to list some examples, but seriously that would be a list that could be a book of its own!

Although there is one story that I have to share. When I was very young my mom gave me a little kick under the table at a restaurant, no doubt in an attempt to shut me up on something inappropriate. Well I bet she would have very much appreciated the ability to speak telepathically on that one when her kick was greeted by me loudly asking her why she was kicking me under the table!

I’m also quite sure there are numerous scenarios where my own kids would love nothing more than to send me a silent plea to not embarrass them!

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The great aspect of the ability to speak telepathically is that it’s not all that different from having call display on your phone, basically you can choose to answer the incoming communication or not (some embarrassing moments are just too good to pass up!).

But there’s no intrusion of privacy; and it could really help people to get out of difficult situations, especially if one person doesn’t pick up on certain body language tell-tales but a friend does.

It could also help to prevent hurt feelings as there’d be no need for whispering in front of others, or running the risk of sensitive information being overheard.

I’ve pondered this one for quite some time and I really can’t come up with any major negativities or downsides to having the ability to speak telepathically.

Is this because I’m idealistic and biased by the fact that I love the idea of being able to speak telepathically? What’s your opinion?

speak telepathically

I need to share a confession… I’m really enjoying this series of articles that I’m putting together for you! I hope you are too!

Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts and your own stories relating to the various topics. (Now just imagine if we really could speak telepathically, then I’d know your answers even quicker!)

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2 thoughts on “What if you could speak telepathically”

  1. I’m sure we do have telepathic experiences, even if they aren’t a conversation as such. How often does someone close say something just as you were about to say the same; if it is a complete change of subject that must prove something. Or when you are in a group conversation or work situation and exchange glances with a friend or colleague behind the backs of others or the customers. You can’t always verbalise the meaning, probably ‘Here she goes again with one of her stories’ or ‘That’s all we need, difficult customer just before closing time.’ Can I think of any downsides? Could be very useful to warn your partner off saying the wrong thing in company, unless your hosts tune in as well – ‘don’t mention you saw Suzy with that other man at the theatre….’

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